Wallpapering Wellington

Thinking about wallpapering your home’s interiors (or a room’s interior)? Well you have come to the right place.

At Henry House Painters we are prepared and equipped to provide you with expert help on every step of the process of installing wallpapers at your residential property.

That’s right, we’re talking personalised service that starts with expert consultation in selecting the right wallpaper for your home and ends after you are absolutely satisfied with the installation job.

Whatever your need may be, we have the wallpaper to fit and the expertise needed to make a quick, hassle free, and reliable installation.

Wallpapering Service Wellington

With an experience spanning over decades under our belt, and a long list of satisfied customers, Henry House Painters has become one of the most respected and well established names when it comes to interior wallpapering in Wellington.

The right wallpaper has the potential to completely change the look of any interior space. However, this is only true when you choose the right wallpaper and have the right professional knowledge required for a reliable installation with a clean finish.

This is where Henry House Painters can help. Get in touch with us for your needs regarding wallpapering in Wellington and we will be happy to give you a free consultation for the same.

Painter & Decorator Specialising in Wallpapering

You may be thinking that Henry House Painters is a painting brand (at least that is what the name suggests). While that is true, we do a lot of exterior and interior painting, we also have specially trained professionals that only work on projects related to wallpapering in Wellington.

This means, when you choose Henry House Painters for your wallpapering needs, you get to work with a professional that is not just certified, but also possesses an incredible amount of experience in working with wallpapering for residential properties.

In other words, you get to work with a reliable professional that lets you rest assured throughout the process.

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